Client: Self
Location: Yale University, USA
+ India
Year: 1996 + 2009
The Arts
Curry Display

Type: Curry

Curry, a hybrid typeface, combines influences from Devanagiri and Uncial. It has high contrast stroke weights, angles and stress, based on the graphic characteristics of the reed pen with which it was originally drawn. The letterforms draw inspiration from the Devanagiri alphabet.


Devanagiri, the primary script in which Hindu doctrines were written, was created with a reed pen. Uncial, a majuscule script, was written with a quill pen in which the nib is cut in a direction opposite to that of the reed. The acute angle of the reed pen creates high contrast enhancing the resemblance of this typeface to the traditional Indian script.

The Curry Font Book extends the idea of a hybrid design aesthetic to express mixed language. Curry is used to display the unique quality of words that have been transformed and absorbed from the Eastern languages of Sanskrit, Hindi, Tamil and Urdu into mainstream English. This project was chosen for “Its About Time”, Experimenta Design, 2009 at Lisbon.
Curry Book Cover: Silver foil stamp on raw silk
Curry Book (detail)
Curry Type Poster