Client: Bengaluru Recycling Habba
Location: Bangalore, India
Year: 2011
The Arts
Envelope and Invite

Alternate Current

Alternate Current is an exhibition of up-cycled lamps and light installations made from objects tossed and found. Put together by a motely mix of lighting, fashion, textile and graphic designers the show was a part of the first city-wide recycling initiative, Bengaluru Recycling Habba. Our aim was to create promotional graphics that were honest (that in its physical materiality reflected the philosophy of up-cycling) and were bold, energetic and fun (echoing the drive of the designers behind the show and their unique products).


The transparency of the ink reveals original text below, making each poster unique – as is each designer's re-interpretation of junk.
Brand Mark


The Brand Mark, AC is created by cleverly recycling a spanner into a lampshade/'A', and a computer cable into a 'C'.
Invite + Poster


Paper cost is minimized to a nil by overprinting on old newspapers. The invite doubles up as a poster, again a highly cost efficient solution.