Client: Self + FBAR + Visual Arts Gallery
Location: New Delhi, India
Year: 2005
Partners: Ruchika Chanana, Words etc.
Print , The Arts

About Turn: The Book

About Turn, co-curated by art historian Dr. Alka Pande and Roshni Jaiswal, was India’s first art exhibition of works created by graphic designers. It examined views on the status of women in contemporary urban India. Our entry, a limited edition artist’s book, looks at the portrayal of women in popular Indian culture through 3 stereotypical categories, good/bad, black/white and silent/active.

The book which can be viewed front to back, or back to front, flips and does an ‘about turn’ at the center. With Durga, the mother goddess on one face and Kali, the goddess who destroys on the other – it physically and conceptually echoes our point of view, that women in fact, cannot and do not need to fit into either/or of the above categories. Words, poetry and found images make a visually intense commentary on the urban gaze on women.