Client: MTV
Location: Bangalore, India
Year: 1998
Partners: Khosla Associates (Architecture)
Door Handle: Logo cast in steel


The MTV office, Bangalore is inspired by vibrant street graphics quintessential to the urban Indian landscape. Driven by the brand’s philosophy of celebrating local culture and music, the familiar is repackaged in unexpected ways – transforming the mundane into the exotic. Larger than life kitsch influences are decontextualized and brought into the interior space to create an environment that is fun and distinctly local.
A huge cut-out of the logo integrates the reception and work spaces allowing for casual and easy movement
Street Artist (Photograph: Graphicswallah, Graphics in India, Keith Lovegrove)


Hand painted poster art is a dying craft in India overtaken by slick digital printed vinyl billboards. We collaborated with artists who were out of work, reinterpreting their craft, working between the digital medium and the hand painted.
Installation: A Warhol inspired wall of popular South Indian actors screen printed onto discarded Polaroid cases
Reception Table: An old auto rickshaw remodeled
Work Stations (left): Nostalgic colonial “babu” tables and chairs recycled with colorful graphic surfaces
Reception Seating (right): A found barber’s chair juxtaposed with a colonial bench