Client: British Council
Location: India + London, UK
Year: 2005
Partners: Khosla Associates (Architecture)
Space, Print, The Arts
Exhibition Entrance/Exit

Global Local

Curated by the British Council, Global Local looks at the impact of globalization on contemporary Indian design. The show traveled across India and to the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. tsk Design was commissioned to create the space design (in collaboration with architects Khosla Associates) as well as the identity graphics. In addition, we were amongst the 14 designers chosen to exhibit in the show.
Brand Mark
Space: A Small Shop + tsk Design + Doshi Levien


A modular metal framework system with screens of local “chettai” matting allows each designer to have his/her defined space while maintaining transparency and an open flow of movement.
Space: Manish Arora
Space: Manish Arora + A Small Shop
Space: Ghulam Sakina
Exhibition Entrance/Exit


Strings of pink handmade paper flowers greet viewers at the entrance/exit – fondly recalling flower garlands that adorn entrances at Indian ceremonies.