Neon Boneyard – Las Vegas, USA

Tania, August 3, 2011
Here I was in Vegas – City of Sin, neon capital of the world. But sadly there were no neons to be seen. Sure, there were over-the-top, mind-boggling LED signs enough to dazzle the daylights out of you... but no glamorous, crafted, kitsch neons. To me this was tragic, somewhat like the loss of our hand-painted film poster art. But then, in a desolate industrial yard I chanced upon a typographic orgy of slab-serifs, ampersands, swooshes and swirls. A tangible history of Vegas from the 30’s – of “technology, style, entertainment, pop culture, and most of all: Design” told through solid letters standing strong. The Neon Museum, strapped for funding will hopefully re-open in 2012. An absolute must for type geeks that happen to find themselves in the Nevada desert.

Heath Nash – Other People’s Rubbish

Tania, May 25, 2011
Defining a beautiful balance between craft and design, sustainability and luxury, is Heath Nash, a local Cape Tonian designer. Playful explorations of post-consumer waste plastic lie scattered in his studio, where he and his team systematically sanitize plastic gasoline containers collected from junk yards and then transform them into magical lights called “Other People’s Rubbish”. Quirky, whimsical and gorgeous, these petaled globes reflect a cultural ideology of re-use, common and often necessary, where waste (by other standards) has always been used as a material.

Alelier Kidimo – Type Shop Madness

Robby, April 15, 2011
I am passionate about type in all its avatars and when a friend shared a link to a wonderful signage store in Paris called Kidmo, I just had to post this. Run by Nicolas Fauchant, this store is a treasure trove of abandoned metal & wood signage letters. It operates as a museum of type & a store where you can buy letters and make your very own decorative combinations. My friend took beautiful photos of some of the type that was on show and for sale.