Client: Stonehill International School (Embassy Group Educational Initiative)
Location: Bangalore, India
Year: 2008
Brand, Web
Brand Mark


Stonehill International is an IB School that aims to meet the highest educational expectations of Bangalore's rapidly growing multinational community. tsk Design was appointed from the school’s inception to steer its branding and communication strategy. The brand identity while being global, is local in its inspiration. This reflects the school’s belief that in a changing world, education that aims to provide a global perspective must embrace the local. The Brand Mark – a hill, created from a repeated pattern of trees, symbolizes the individual, the community, growth, and excellence.
Inspiration: Sandalwood carving, a local craft of Karnataka based on which the form of the symbol is derived
Brand Mark: Construction
Symbol Tessalation
House Font: Scala Sans and Univers
House Colors: P201 + P716 + P329 +
P Cool Gray 10C
Stationery (detail)
Brochure + Student Handbook
Signage + Fleet-marking