Client: Apeejay Surrendra Group
Location: Kolkata + New Delhi, India
Year: 2010
Brand, Print
Brand Mark

Apeejay Surrendra

Apeejay Surrendra Group is a family owned industrial conglomerate in India with businesses spanning tea, shipping, hospitality, real estate and retail. To mark its centenary year, the Company appointed tsk Design to redesign and streamline its corporate identity program. Honoring the Company’s 100 year legacy, the brief was to take an evolutionary approach. While retaining the essence of the old, we made subtle but significant changes, creating a new brand mark that is aligned with the times. The Mark reflects an organization that is both solid and entrepreneurial, committed and forward thinking.
Old and New Brand Mark


The lozenge shape was refined to become more sleek, and the line weight thickened to create visual balance and make it more efficient for reproduction. The new brand mark is fluid and contemporary. The typography, bold and distinct, sits comfortably within the shape.
Brand Mark on a Grid
Brand Language: Icons representing brand values


While we took an evolutionary approach to redesigning the brand mark, we created a dynamic and playful brand language that infuses energy into the identity system. A set of icons were developed from the basic lozenge shape – each representing a key value of the Group – Youthful, Entrepreneurial, Solid, Committed and Inspired.
Wallpaper: Developed for application across various collaterals
House Font: Freight Sans
Stationery (detail)
Banners and Advertisements
Corporate Gifts: Paper weights
Merchandize: Tee + Mug + Umbrella